Thermoelectric generator 24 V, 5 W | TEG-5

Thermoelectric generator 24 V, 5 W | TEG-5 Kryotherm
Thermoelectric generator TEG-5 is designed for the direct conversion of steam heat energy into electrical power and provides continuous running without supervision for its work. TEG-5 is designed to supply the equipment with electricity voltage 24V and current of 0,21 A..
热电发生器teg-5是专为蒸汽热能转化为电能直接转换为连续运行无对其工作的监督。teg-5设计提供的设备供电电压24V,电流0,21 A.。
The main application, TEG-5 has found in the field of steam pipeline telemetry (flow, pressure, properties of steam etc.). The design can be tailored for specific telemetry solutions of power supply for customers’ facilities.

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