Generating module thermoelectric TGM series

Generating module thermoelectric TGM series Kryotherm
System of notation.
An universal abbreviation is used to notate generating modules: #1058;GM-N-C-h, where:
一种通用的缩写是用来记录生成模块:# gm-n-c-h,其中1058:
#1058;GM product abbreviation thermoelectric generating module;.
# 1058;通用产品简称热电发电模块;。
N number of thermocouples in the module;.
#1057; length of the rib of the thermoelectric element basis (in millimeters);.
# 1057;热电元件的基础上的肋的长度(毫米);。
h height of the thermoelectric element (in millimeters).
For example, in the module TGM-127-1.0-2.5: 127 thermocouples (254 thermoelectric elements), every element has the cross-section of 1,0#215;1,0 mm and is 2,5 mm high.
例如,在模块tgm-127-1.0-2.5:127热电偶(254热电元件),每个元素都有1000 # 215截面;1.0mm和2.5mm高。

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