Thermoelectric cooling assembly 24.5 A, 24 V | 400LT

Thermoelectric cooling assembly 24.5 A, 24 V | 400LT Kryotherm
Apart from thermoelectric modules Kryotherm company also produces different types of thermoelectric cooling assemblies..
thermoelectric cooling assemblies of air-to-air type.
thermoelectric cooling assemblies of liquid-to- liquid type.
Thermoelectric cooling assembly is a devise, produced like several heat-exchange devices bound together with thermoelectric coolers between them. .
Sphere of application of the thermoelectric assemblies is very wide. They can be used for production of refrigerators, air conditioners, systems of electronic devices cooling, etc. Assemblies are optimized for 12, 24 and 48 V supply voltage that makes it possible to plug in them to the power sources of automobile, railroad and water transport..
热电组件的适用范围很广。它们可以用于生产冰箱,空调,电子设备冷却系统等进行优化,组件12,24和48 V电源电压,使得它可以插入到汽车的动力来源,铁路和水上运输的。
Heat insulation, installed between the radiators, hinders the reverse transfer of heat to the cooling object. ..
Each thermoelectric assembly, created by Kryotherm Company has holes for mounting and switching plane for power supply. A temperature sensor and temperature controller installation on the assembly is available as an extra option

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