Thermoelectric generator 12 V, 25 W | TEG B25-12 (M)

Thermoelectric generator 12 V, 25 W | TEG B25-12 (M) Kryotherm
Multipurpose TEG B25-12 (#1052;) from #171;KRYOTHERM#187; enables to:
多用TEG b25-12(# 1052;)从# kryotherm # 171;187;使:
obtain stand-alone, simple and reliable source of electric energy;.
charge of mobile phones accumulator, pocket computer, digital camera etc..
watch TV, listen to the radio, use DVD players;.
work with notebook..
All this could be done without main power supply, just one requirement – the upright surface with dimensions 25 #1093; 25 cm heated by wood burning. TEG B25-12(#1052;) provides continuous round-the-clock service without maintenance for its operation.
这一切都可以在没有主电源,只有一个要求——尺寸25 #直立表面1093;25厘米的木材燃烧加热。TEG b25-12(# 1052;)提供连续的全天候服务没有运行维护。

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